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Having a good sleep is very important for any person. Body renews its powers overnight and in the morning you are full of energy to change the world. Unfortunately, many people are suffering from not being able to fall asleep, which affects their lives badly. Without regaining its powers, our bodies cannot function normally and our minds do not work as usual.

Sleep deprivation lessens productivity and, apart from that, has a bad impact on the general health condition. So, the importance of fighting with sleeping problems is obvious.

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Drugs Healing Disorders of Sleep

One of the most popular drugs for treating insomnia and problems with waking up during the night is Ambien. You might also coma across another name, which is Zolpidem. Do not get confused as Zolpidem is the active component of Ambien, so these terms are actually interchangeable.

Zolpidem produces a sedative effect, which many doctors call hypnotic. It helps you to fall asleep and stay asleep during the night so that your body could have a good and sufficient rest.

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Choosing Ambien pills

Ambien is available in two versions, the original Ambien and extended release. The last one is the generic product. Our company provides only certified and original products, so you will only find one version of Ambien at our online store offer.

Basing on your needs, you can get pills containing either 5mg or 10 mg of Zolpidem. Please note that the original Ambien is being produced by Sanofi-Aventis whereas the genetic form has a vast number of manufacturers. Our company works only with certified producers.

The original Ambien pills are prolonged and look like capsules. Ambien tablets have the following appearance:

  • the 5mg pill is pink with two imprints on its sides, AMB 5 (which states the dosage of 5mg) and 5401
  • the 10mg tablet is white and has the imprints AMB 10 and 5421
  • all pills are packed into boxes by 30, 60 and 90 pieces.

Ambien dosages

Careful dosing is extremely important. It is recommended to use a minimum dose that shows positive effect. Ambien dosing has to be managed by a doctor. Make sure you have familiarised yourself with the instructions before taking Ambien.

It is advisable for women to take smaller amounts of the drug that for men. The starting dose for women is 5 mg and men can take 5mg or 10mg of Ambien.

The drug intake should be done right before going to bed and it is vital to have 7-8 hours time for sleeping.

Take into account the fact that after taking Ambien, you might get out of your bed without realising it and do some activities without remembering it later. This is mostly caused by alcohol consumption during the treatment, so you should restrain yourself from drinking it to avoid serious consequences.

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It is time have a nice sleep to be able to enjoy your life and Ambien will help you with that!

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